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Twitter Verification Services

Maintain a credible Twitter handle by getting it verified. We can help you with the A to Z of Twitter verification process.

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    Twitter Verification

    Are you looking to get your Twitter handle verified? We can help you with that through our Twitter Verification Services within 3-15 Days.

    We need the following to get your profile verified:

    • Email address confirmation and other personal information (like full name,DOB, company name if any, etc.) 
    • Link of other social channels
    • Website
    • Wikipedia page (good chances to get verified)
    • Press Articles (must be about you as the main subject – minimum 10 articles.)
    • A write up on why you think you should be verified by Twitter. 

    In case you do not meet any of these above requirements, we have you covered and will get the job done by creating relevant content and publishing them on media publications. 

    For fast track verification, we will secure your articles in relevant publications including Google News Publications, and other premium Publications.

    Benefits of verification badge


    Verified accounts help a great deal in creating a brand value, as these are unique as compared to the regular accounts.


    The blue badge in verified twitter accounts generate a lot of credibility and authenticity, thus creating a positive brand image.


    Verified Twitter accounts have access to Twitter analytics, and using this a brand can understand the traction it is generating among the audience.


    Verified Twitter accounts are extremely secure and have very less chances of getting hacked.

    Follower count

    You can exponentially increase the number of followers on your twitter handle with a verified account.


    Audiences instantly connect with accounts that have a blue badge. They feel safe to interact.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why does my profile/business need social media verification?

    To prove that the profile – whether personal or for a business is legitimate and authentic. To also be proof that the profile has been screened by the respective platform and is marked as genuine. Whether an individual or business, this verification is extremely important to ensure that fans or customers follow the right accounts. It is also a step to make sure that fake accounts cannot manipulate the audience by pretending to be the real deal.

    Why should I choose Fameninja to verify my brand socially?

    Fameninja has in-depth knowledge of how social media verification services work. This can be to acquire a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook blue Verification Badge, or all three if need be. The company is very aware of the stringent guidelines required to successfully verify a page and makes sure to do it right in one go.

    How much time will it take for getting verified?

    The time depends upon Profile to Profile. We deliver our services in 30-45 days.

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