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Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia Page Creation

Our exclusive PR and Media campaigns are built around content that include biographies, facts & figures, brand updates, crisis control, etc. for both individuals and corporate brands.


    Wikipedia Page Creation

    Wikipedia is one of the most trusted forums on the Internet. Hence, a well drafted Wikipedia page is definitely great for branding purposes. It also helps in PR, credibility, SEO, authenticity, and brand image for both personal as well as corporate brands. In order to get your brand (both personal and corporate) live on Wikipedia, we first research the subject to determine whether or not it will pass Wikipedia’s guidelines on notability. If yes, We create the draft of your page, after relevant research. Once done and approved by you, we publish the content live on Wikipedia and constantly monitor it for updates and changes.

    Wikipedia page for Individuals

    Public figures these days are nothing less than personal brands. In that aspect, it is extremely crucial for them to be in the public eye in a credible and reputed manner. The Internet is the only forum for them to connect and interact with the audience. Hence, it is imperative to maintain a great online reputation. Being public figures, rumours and defamatory news are always around the corner. PR and Media campaigns are a great way to counteract and maintain a positive image in the public. Under our PR package for individual figures, we regularly track their activities, create positive content around their lives, manage crisis through effective media outreach etc. If you are a public figure and looking to create or enhance your online reputation, contact us to avail exclusive PR services.


    Wikipedia page for corporate brands

    Similar to Wikipedia page creation and maintenance for individuals, we first research the subject to determine whether or not it will pass Wikipedia’s guidelines on notability. We also verify if there are enough solid third-party references out there to prove that notability. Once done, we create the first draft of your page, get it approved by you, and publish within 7-10 days. Our content is neutral, of encyclopedic tone, citing each fact with respected third-party sources. The content will be created by professional writers who will write 10-15 different topics around your company as per Wiki guidelines. Through this, our goal is to add/revise factually accurate, properly sourced content for the best interest of your corporate brand and audience. Additionally, we also look after google marketing and SEO to help your corporate brand rank higher on search engines.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Can’t I create my page on my own? Why do I need you?

    Wikipedia page creation is not as simple as it looks. We implement our experience, expertise and genuine user profiles in order to get your page published on Wikipedia. You can do it yourself, but the page might not sustain due to the complex policies and guidelines of Wikipedia. Once removed, it gets difficult to re-create a page. Hence, we suggest you seek professional help while creating a Wikipedia page.

    How much time does it take to make a wiki page?

    If everything is ready – including the draft, references, citations and a genuine user profile, then it does not take more than a few minutes to create a page. However, the entire process of drafting, creating and publishing takes around a week or so.

    Which citations or references are good?

    Any credible citation or reference is good enough. However, these follow a hierarchical procedure. For example, government, organizational or institutional websites rank at the top. These are followed by media coverage in reliable publications. Certain blogs and articles can also be credible citations if they contain relevant content.

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