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Remove From Google

The image of your brand heavily depends on how and what is being reflected about your identity on Google.


    Remove From Google

    Google search is one of the most trusted sources of information about your personal/corporate brand. The image of your brand heavily depends on how and what is being reflected about your identity on Google. Negative content, inappropriate articles, misconstrued information, and factually incorrect data can hamper your personal or corporate brand. This eventually leads to a bad reputation. If you are concerned about your Online Reputation due to negative information on Google, avail our ‘Remove from Google’ Service and redeem your image online.

    Our Services

    Removal of defamatory articles /news from Google

    This includes all press articles or news available publicly over the Internet, that might affect the reputation of your business or personal brand.

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    Removal of Private Information from Google

    This includes leaked personal information like credit/debit card details, other financial details, confidential business information, family information, or any other leaked data that you would not want to be public.

    Removal of Court Records from Online search results

    This includes leaked information of any ongoing or past court proceedings, confidential legal documents etc.


    Removal of Complaints

    This includes inappropriate complaints made by anyone, that is at present publicly available on the Internet, and can harm your personal/corporate brand

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    Frequently asked questions

    Do you permanently remove negative reviews/content from the web or just hide it?

    We aim to permanently remove unwanted/negative content from the web. However, it might not always be possible to do so depending on the nature of the content or the publisher. In such cases, we implement other reputation management strategies to hide, smother, or mitigate inappropriate content. Having said that, our first goal is to permanently remove the offensive content.

    What sort of content can you remove?

    We generally remove user-generated content such as reviews, blogs or forum postings, and malicious or unwanted images or videos. All in all, we aim to remove any negative content, that is theoretically possible. We suggest you allow us to scan through the web and report you about the magnitude of inappropriate content that is present on the Internet about your brand.

    How long does the content removal process take?

    This is again a subjective question, that completely depends on the nature of the content or the publisher. In general cases, it takes anywhere between one day to three weeks. However, this might vary as per the magnitude of negative content. We provide regular progress reports in this aspect.

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