ORM Solutions for Individuals

ORM Solutions for Individuals

We can help you redeem credibility among your audience through advanced ORM techniques.

    Online Reputation Matters!

    Google yourself and see how you show up. Do you come across tons of negative information and inaccurate details about yourself on the search results? If yes, it’s time to manage your Online Reputation effectively. Negative articles & blogs, inappropriate content, faulty information, can all harm your online reputation. These can as well cause irreversible damage to your business. We can help you redeem credibility among your audience through advanced ORM techniques.  

    How can you enhance your Online Reputation?

    • Scrapping defamatory content from search results
    • Social Media Verification (Blue Tick)
    • Press Release
    • Media and Advertisement Campaigns
    • Content Marketing
    • SEO-ORM Integration

    How do we recover your Online Reputation?

    • Scrapping negative and inappropriate content from Online Search Results
    • Removing faulty information about you from the Internet
    • Creating and Publishing positive articles and blogs strategically
    • Generate SEO friendly content and optimize your online presence to help you rank higher
    • Updating authentic information about you on multiple high DA websites

    How do we improve your Online Reputation?

    • Social Media Verification – To create your credibility among the audience and help you reap the business benefits of having verified social media channels
    • Social Media Management – To maintain active and engaging social media handles
    • Press Release & Media Campaigns – To help you gain visibility on prominent media publications 
    • Digital Privacy Protection – To maintain a positive online image by deep-scanning the Internet and constantly monitoring the quality of your presence in the digital space.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    What is individual reputation management?

    Individual reputation management is an integrated technique combining various aspects of online marketing like search engine optimization, social media management, brand management, and reputation marketing. Unlike the general belief, it is way beyond only media relations and press release distributions. Our individual reputation management services are meant to uphold your brand’s online reputation and integrity, thereby improving your online search results. 

    How long does individual reputation repair take?

    Individual reputation repair involves the replacement of negative and inappropriate content about your individual brand with positive and accurate information. The time required to do so completely depends on your existing online reputation. It may take anywhere between two weeks to ten months, as per the present reputation level of your individual brand.

    Why does it take so long to repair individual online reputation?

    Negative online reputation spreads quickly all over the Internet. We aim to execute the com-lex work of removing negative articles, reviews and other content about your brand from multiple websites and platforms. It can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 10 months for the revised positive content with fresh keywords to outrank the negatively portrayed content.

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